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Learn Together, Earn Together

Teams that learn together, earn together

I had the pleasure of spending last week in Houston, TX as a panelist at the 12th Annual Texas Diversity & Leadership Conference, hearing wonderful presenters speak about the importance of a diverse workplace. As always, I met some wonderful folks and had a chance to catch up with some people that I had not interacted with since the same conference a year ago. The topics discussed were refreshingly honest, and the speakers were passionate about the roles they held in their organizations. I learned a lot.

This week, I spent the first two days of the week at an offsite leadership meeting. We had a full agenda and covered a lot of ground in a small amount of time. We documented our commitment after team building; we learned a lot.

The last three days of this week a small group of IT Leaders and Staff Members (some of the same leaders from said earlier meeting) attended a project management fundamentals course in which I attended as an auditor to determine the effectiveness for a larger audience. Some of the words used in this class are captured in the word cloud above. Our instructor was awesome, taking PMI Methodology and delivering it in a practical, user-focused finance-driven manner, e.g. C-Suite language! The group walked away with a lot of useful information that I honestly think they will put into practice as early as Monday morning.

The gist of the three days of training?

We understand our roles in project management are ultimately to account for the financial health of the organization.

We learned how to tie the role of the PMO and of project managers to the accounting results of our organization, as it relates to enterprise value; we will earn a lot.

In summary, with the incorporation of the Talent Triangle from PMI, project managers now, more than ever, have the roadmap to be visible contributors to the financial success of the organizations we support. More notably we will document our work and become more efficient, earning the trust of the C-Suite.

What can’t be done with the trust of our C-Suite?

What can you do with the trust of your C-Suite?