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Meet Our Founder

Sherry James, PMP is a keynote speaker, author, mentor, and mother based in the DFW area. Ms. James has worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies over the years through her roles in the leadership of the project management offices (PMO), serving on the board of directors for PMI and technology innovation. Sherry is dedicated to facilitating the tough conversation about mental illness and suicide prevention as well as ending the stigma of mental health in the workplace and in the global community.

Currently, she is working on her latest initiative, 2020 Lives Changed, which focuses on being the catalyst for those impacted by the issues that have arisen during these unprecedented times. James will be releasing her debut novel “After The Suicide: Leading with Love and Light” in 2021.

Mission Statement

To save lives and enhance careers by facilitating conversations about mental health, and suicide prevention. We will create an environment that will help to end the stigma that exists around mental illness.

Vision Statement

We will take lessons learned from the unprecedented issues uncovered in the year 2020 by normalizing conversations of inclusion, diversity, mental wellness, and health into organizations and teams. We will leave a legacy of leadership and mental health team building.

Meet The Team

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Lee Ferdinand

Sandra Sutherland


Sharol Lloyd-Gridiron

Larry L. Johnson

Dr. Stacia Alexander, LPC-S

Myles James

Keithie Graham

Speaking Engagements

One of the primary tools we have to combat the stigma of mental illness/health is to have transparent and authentic conversations with people from all walks of life. The more we see others openly talking about the full spectrum of mental health, the greater the stride we will make in completely removing any inhibitions our society has surrounding mental health.

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Keynote Speaker Session: Diversity and Inclusion – The Difficult Conversation

Are you struggling with how to have a conversation with your organization about diversity and inclusion topics? This 4-hour session will help to facilitate the much-needed conversation around topics such as micro-aggression, unconscious bias, and more.