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The Creating Mental Wealth Show with Sherry James

Meet Our Founder

Sherry James’ background is not only unique, but perfectly suited for leading a successful organization that is focused on creating, teaching and sustaining #MentalWealth.

Over the last 25 years, Sherry has:

  • Managed multi-million dollar Program Management Office (PMO) teams and budgets for Fortune 100(+) Companies
  • Coached and developed hundreds of next generation leaders to lead successful careers and families
  • Graced dozens of stages with her leadership, project management and mental health keynote speaking engagements
  • Founded Phoenix Speaks, Inc., a firm delivering leadership, project management, talent acquisition and retention, diversity/inclusion and mental wealth consulting
  • Created 2020 Lives Changed, Inc., the non-profit (501c3) dedicated to coaching the concept of #MentalWealth at the K-12, university, corporate and individual level with the goal to lower the number of lives lost to suicide each year
  • Appeared on 2 Episodes of the AmazonPrimeTV Show “SpeakUp!”, and
  • …been blessed to be the mom to two awesome children Typhani and Myles

Ms. James’ passion for teaching mental wealth stems from her own journey-one riddled with trauma from her father’s death by suicide when she was 7 and her mother’s struggle to deal until she also died by the slowest suicide when Sherry was 27. As an only child, she learned to survive by giving to others, helping them and supporting them by sharing her vast knowledge on multiple subjects. As a child, poetry was her therapy and her love of books and words have helped her to navigate not only “Corporate America” successfully, but also leaving a legacy of leadership with those who she has had the pleasure of leading and working with.

Have you seen Sherry on the internet talking about her new streaming TV series?

The Creating Mental Wealth w/Sherry James streaming TV show will begin filming at Jeff Crilley’s Real News PR Studios on May 18th, 2002 with guest star John Salley of the “John Salley Crypto Show” and “Sneakerella.” This 30-minute talk show series will introduce viewers to the necessary paradigm shift needed to Mental Wealth from Mental Health. Sherry will interview guests to uncover more on this topic and how this concept will act as a catalyst for suicide prevention.

With Your Mind In Mind will begin shooting in July of 2022 and will be filmed  in Dallas, TX. Sherry will interview guests who will bring a fresh new perspective on healing from the 2020 COVID pandemic as well as other topics relating to healing the “Whole of You. ”

The powerful network that Ms. James has established over the years stands ready to support her mission, vision and life purpose:

To save lives, one heart at a time.

Mission Statement

To save lives and enhance careers by facilitating conversations about mental health, and suicide prevention. We will create an environment that will help to end the stigma that exists around mental illness.

Vision Statement

We will take lessons learned from the unprecedented issues uncovered in the year 2020 by normalizing conversations of inclusion, diversity, mental wellness, and health into organizations and teams. We will leave a legacy of leadership and mental health team building.

Meet The Team

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Lee Ferdinand

Sandra Sutherland


Sharol Lloyd-Gridiron

Larry L. Johnson

Dr. Stacia Alexander, LPC-S

Myles James

Keithie Graham

Speaking Engagements

One of the primary tools we have to combat the stigma of mental illness/health is to have transparent and authentic conversations with people from all walks of life. The more we see others openly talking about the full spectrum of mental health, the greater the stride we will make in completely removing any inhibitions our society has surrounding mental health.

Learn More

Keynote Speaker Session: Diversity and Inclusion – The Difficult Conversation

Are you struggling with how to have a conversation with your organization about diversity and inclusion topics? This 4-hour session will help to facilitate the much-needed conversation around topics such as micro-aggression, unconscious bias, and more.